Inbounds Backend Engineer and Data Engineer

Deliverr is a company dedicated to helping e-commerce companies offer Amazon-like two-day shipping on all of the platforms that they sell on. I worked on implementing features that made the process of sending goods to Deliverr warehouses easier and more convenient, and also was responsible for projects that helped the company analyze the data it was collecting more efficiently and intelligently. Below, I have described a few major projects that I have worked on in my time at Deliverr.

Implementing Support for Regional Carriers

For a large numbers of orders being fulfilled on our platform, it was noticed that we could be using smaller, more regional carriers to help save on fulfillment costs for those orders. I developed a new service that checked for the possibility of using a regional carrier, and took this route if it was possible for that order. This led to an overall cost reduction of 20% in fulfilling these orders.

On Time Delivery Targets by Fast Tags

In this project, I developed a solution that allowed for specific fast tag programs(e.g. Walmart 2 Day, Wish 2 Day, Shopify 2 Day) to have specific on time delivery targets. By doing this, since each platform has different requirements for how many orders need to meet the on time delivery target, it allowed our fulfilment service to prioritize certain orders over others, and led to an overall cost reduction in fulfilling orders.